Buff Faye

National Entertainer of the Year F.I.

March 16, 2020

Trying uncertain times to say the least.
We hope all of you are well and taking the necessary recommended precautions to deal with this pandemic crisis that is taking place across the world.

We wanted to leave the preliminaries that are scheduled up to the individual promoters, however, with government taking control of larger gatherings, it may not be an option for promoters as to if they hold their contest.

If need be, the option is open to the promoters to appoint their 2 representatives for this year.

Currently, we anticipate that the scheduled National EOY-
July 23-26, which is 129 days from today, will be held. However, we will make a final decision on July 1, 2020, if we will postpone and
re-schedule to a later date

Again, please take the necessary recommended precautions to remain healthy!

National Entertainer of the Year Corporate Office

Enter to win a table (seats up to 8 people) for E.O.Y. 2020 honoring Buff Faye and Prince Cole.

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