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Shontelle Sparkles, 31st National Entertainer of the Year, born and raised in Southern FL and now living in Louisville, Kentucky. Shontelle’s story originates in Fort Myers, Florida as Shawn Berger Jr., the eldest of three kids. Inspired by his mother’s career as a hairstylist, Shawn took to cosmetology school in 2011 located in Tampa, Florida. While living in Tampa, Shawn started dabbling in the art of Female Impersonation. Competing in local talent shows allowed for the growth of Shontelle Sparkles as an entertainer. Merging the two passions, hair-styling and entertaining, Shawn started styling drag wigs for shows as Shontelle Sparkles. While growing into their own in Tampa, Florida; Shontelle Sparkles was contacted to back up dance for Andy Bell’s international tour and be the cast hairstylist.

Traveling the world while touring with Andy Bell allowed for Shontelle to experience the culture of many countries, entertain on large stages for tens of thousands in a crowd, pick up choreography and meet their best-friend and drag-mentor Trinity Taylor. Shontelle and Trinity met at auditions and shared many experiences while traveling to over 30 countries as Andy Bell’s “Fembots”. After touring, Shontelle was introduced to the system, Entertainer of the Year, by helping prepare and dress Trinity Taylor the year she won the title of National Entertainer of the Year in 2014. After watching their best friend Trinity win the crown in 2014, the flame was sparked within Shontelle to throw her hat in the ring. The ability to be creative and unique and to still be appreciated for that uniqueness was astounding.

Following NEOY nationals in 2014, Shontelle made the move from Tampa, FL to Louisville, KY to be on cast at the original Connection. This was a life-changing move and while timid to leave family behind, Shontelle was determined to show the world her love of cosplay, video games, horror movies and, of course, drag! Shontelle’s first appearance at National Entertainer of the Year was in 2015 where she placed top 3! After placing 3rd in her first ever National pageant, Shontelle wanted to work at perfecting her craft. She states “being a perfectionist can be detrimental, but I really strive to make my Drag detailed and different! To show an extension of myself and of all the things I loved as a kid, but could not enjoy fully in a conservative town.” 


For the past 7 years Shawn perfected his craft as Shontelle Sparkles and loved the science behind growth as a person, growth as an artist, and growth as a business person. Throughout Shontelle’s drag career she has done hair and makeup for some of the best in the business, such as: Shangela, Todrick Hall, Nina West, Mokha Montrese, Priyanka, Manila Luzon, Andy Bell and many more. Her work can be seen in Gay Times magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, on the runways of RuPaul’s Drag race, Entertainment Weekly and many on the heads of pageant queens across the nation. Once she was fully prepared and ready to show the world this evolved version of Shontelle Sparkles she would attempt at securing the title of National Entertainer of the Year. Returning for her second run in 2022, Shontelle secured the crown and title National Entertainer of the Year F.I.

To the EOY system, Shontelle extends all the love and thanks to those who have believed in her art and allowing her to showcase all the hard work and preparation on a national platform. As a national title holder she looks to inspire others and show them that being yourself, stepping outside of the box, and not fitting the mold will take you to places beyond! She says, "remember to BE YOURSELF and #sparkyourcreativity and let your imagination run wild. Take people into a new world, your world!" As your current reigning, her mission is to create more visibility within the younger drag community and show that pageantry is still alive and that EOY can be your home to express yourself.

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