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Twila Holiday (Michael Orsini Collins) reigns as your 33rd National Entertainer of the Year. A native of Erie, Pennsylvania, Twila now resides in Orlando, Florida with her husband Joshua Collins and 3 year old daughter Addilyn.


From a young age, Twila has always been a natural entertainer from local theater to Disney Entertainment. Twila's drag career began in 2009 by dressing up in drag and putting on productions at her home holiday parties. Hence where she took on the last name Holiday. Over the past 14 years she has grown her craft and has taken the advice and knowledge of legendary entertainers in the community to become who she is today. Twila has hosted various shows, events, and her one of a kind drag bingo. She has worked for non profits, participated in multiple Pride Parades across the country, and has even had the opportunity to open the GLADD Awards in Los Angeles and New York while representing the major airline she works for.  Over her years she has held the titles of:

Miss GayDayS 19,20,21

Miss Sawmill 2018 

Miss Polk Pride 2017


Twila enjoys the art of drag and honoring the over the top old school drag esthetic of legends before her. Twilas wardrobe is the pride and joy of her drag. There isn't one costume in her closet that isn't sequined, beaded, feathered, or furred. Her show girl looks and love of the art of being extra create Twila Holiday.  She is very blessed to have a talented husband who’s a wonderful designer and costumer. 


This was her first time competing for EOY. Representing the first alternate for Florida Entertainer of the Year. Twila captured the crown and celebrates her win as National Entertainer of the Year on the 50th anniversary of her idol, Liberace receiving the  Entertainer of the Year award in 1973. Twila takes inspiration from Liberace’s comedic timing, showmanship, and uniqueness. She applies all of these characteristics to her drag aesthetic. “Too much of a good thing is wonderful” was a quote Libearce once said and Twila embodies that quote in all aspects of her drag. 


When not entertaining, Twila enjoys collecting and curating her Liberace collection, spending time with her daughter and husband, and of course crafting her next looks. 


Twila is sponsored by Collins Creative FL LLC, Harmony Healthcare Orlando, and Secrets Hideaway Resort. During the coming year, Twila hopes to use her platform to bring life back to old school drag and the art of female impersonation while growing the EOY system. Pageants are where the star status for many have come from. Taking your talents and putting them on a national stage and competing against the best of the best. That is how the 32 ladies before her got their titles of Iconic and Legendary while being Entertainer of the Year.

xoxo Twila 

Twila Holiday Entertainer of the Year F.I. 2023

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