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Jericho Habib, the 20th National Entertainer of the Year (Mr), is of Arab (Palestinian) descent but was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. He lived in Boston for four years and moved to New York City shortly after graduating from Harvard University with his undergraduate degree. He pursued graduate studies at The New School and since then has chosen a career path in education and professional development, which stems from his passion in social justice.

Throughout his life, Jericho has loved the arts and immersing himself in creative spaces. In high school, he was a member of the military drill team, winning district championships for consecutive years. Being raised in an immigrant family, art and culture were a part of his everyday life, but was discouraged from pursuing the artistic industry because it was not perceived as a route to earning a stable living. He shifted away from the arts throughout his college career and was eventually reintroduced to it through pageantry. In July of 2011, he met Ginger Manchester (NEOY 2017) at Bounce Night Club in Cleveland, OH and she invited him to attend Miss/Mr Continental with her during Labor Day weekend. That experience sparked an interest in Jericho that would later lead him to performing on numerous national stages over the past seven years.

Jericho is excited to call Entertainer of the Year his home and family and looks forward to taking the male division to new heights.

Connect with Jericho!
Facebook: Jericho Habib
Instagram: @jericho_habib
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