Thank you for your interest in the Entertainer of the Year system. Use the contact us portion below if you are interested in promoting for EOY. In the message portion please state which state you would like to promote and our Representatives will get back with you as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you!

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Here is a list of the current prelims for Entertainer of the Year.

Click on the Prelim and you can email the owner for further information about their preliminary. Once again thank you for your interest in the Entertainer of the Year system!


Tentative Prelims:

South Florida EOY - Prelim Owner Greg Dye Date: January 2023

-Georgia Regional EOY - Prelim Owners Paris Campbell/Danny Rivera Date: February 2023

-Kentucky Regional EOY - Prelim Owners: Russ Lemons /Anson Klaber Date: TBA  2023

-Michigan EOY - Prelim Owner: Ian Foote Date: TBA 2023

-North Carolina EOY - Prelim Owners: Malayia Chanel Iman / Phil Knox Date: TBA 2023

-Ohio Regional EOY - Prelim Owner: Elliott Taylor Date: TBA 2023

-Missouri EOY- Prelim Owner: Steven Delaney Date: TBA 2023

-Emerald Coast EOY - Prelim Owners: John/Monica Heart Prelim Date: TBA 2023

-Magic City EOY - Prelim Owners: Mark Cummings Date: TBA 2023

-Texas Regional EOY - Owner: Jason Smith Date: TBA 2023

-Great Lakes EOY - Prelim Owner: Craig N. Fleming Date: TBA 2023