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Paris Campbell, the 30th crowned National Entertainer of the Year, is a native of Nashville, Tennessee; now residing in Atlanta, Georgia. However, if you were to stop and ask her about her hometown roots, she will always mention Birmingham, Alabama; where she was a resident for 8 years. Paris’ humble stage beginnings started under the male lead stage name of Jayden Campbell, under the leadership of Josephyn Edwards/Hurricane Summers of the Connection Nightclub Nashville (circa 2005). In that same year, the persona, Paris Campbell was born. A moniker derived from two Nashville favorites, Secret Paris and M’ya Campbell. 

It did not take long for Paris to be introduced to pageantry and before long several Alabama titles had been secured. Early home life in Nashville introduced the Entertainer of the Year pageant and in 2010 (after a couple years backup dancing for Trinity Taylor, NEOY 2014) Paris sought to compete for the coveted title. In the first year of competing, an 11th place finish was achieved. Following there were 3-4th runner up placements, on to a 2nd Alternate finish in 2017. As the reigning national, Paris accredits her success to determination, perseverance, and homing in on who she is on and off stage. 

Off stage, the driving force behind the moniker Paris Campbell, Robert Wade; has enjoyed a budding real estate career as a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator. Time is shared with leisure and stage travel a large blood and chosen family, and with the 3 dogs (Nala, Jack Jack, and now Congo) that he shares with a budding love. 

To the Entertainer of the Year system and family, Paris says thank you for the opportunity to serve. She looks forward to being a role model of the system and takes the position and role as national titleholder very seriously. Her goal is to spotlight the talent that is showcased all over this country with the hope that the next crowned will have the same ambition and drive to ensure the legacy survives another 30 years and beyond. 


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Instagram: statuesqueparis

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Zodiacx Iman Dickerson is a male lead entertainer born and raised of Kansas City, Mo; currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Zodiacx has been entertaining for 10 years and has competed on the pageantry scene for 8 years. After winning 2 local pageants in Kansas City; Mr. Kansas City Pride and Mr. Kansas City Black Pride, Zodiacx moved to Atlanta, GA in 2015 and proceeded to win additional titles including Mr. Peach State International Newcomer, North America Prince, and Mr. Black America Jr. It was while reigning for those illustrious systems that he acquired the skills to reign successfully as a king. Zodiacx’s dream has always been to become Mr. Entertainer of the Year; this was one of the first pageants that he researched and studied. He states, “coming from a small city I did not have as many of the tools as others to actually know how to compete but I never used that as my downfall. Instead I used that as apart of my journey and story. I believe that as long as you stay dedicated, stay true to yourself, put god first, and never forget where you come from the blessings will eventually pour onto you.” Zodiacx says he keeps 5 promises to himself regarding stage life: remain consistent with contribution & collaboration with fellow entertainers; honesty and integrity, perseverance, make no excuses, and provide stellar entertainment value. “My purpose is to create relationships and meaningful moments with every handshake, smile, and hug because it will leave a lasting impression and people will always remember your name”, says Zodiacx. “My goal is to inspire and uplift those who may not feel like they have the same chances or opportunities as others and show them...



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